About Clinical Trials

In the fall of 2014, Jeremy, Jake and I traveled around the East Coast for a month to film ACT (About Clinical Trials). ACT is a program created in collaboration with The American Cancer Society to empower people to understand cancer clinical trials and discuss this option with their doctors and loved ones. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet so many courageous patients, top notch doctors and  film beautiful places. It was the openness and vulnerability of these people that made me fall in love with documentary filmmaking.

Credit: Director of Photography
Director: Jeremy Asher Lynch
Producer: Jake Blasco
Production Company: Logan & Sons
Sponsor: Genentech
Shot on RED EPIC with a DJI Ronin.
Campaign Website: http://www.learnaboutclinicaltrials.org

Why Should I Consider a Cancer Clinical Trial?

This video from the ACT program features patients and doctors who share their perspectives on why joining a cancer clinical trial may be an option worth considering at any point in ones’ cancer journey.

How Will I Know if a Trial is Right for Me?

Patients, doctors, and patient advocates discuss the pros and cons of joining a cancer clinical trial.

How Should I Prepare for Discussions With My Doctor?

ACT offers guidance from doctors and patients about what questions people should be prepared to ask about cancer clinical trials.

What Standards Are in Place to Safeguard Trial Participants?

Doctors and patient rights advocates explain some of the procedures and regulations that protect patients’ rights in cancer clinical trials.

What is Informed Consent?

This video from the ACT program explains what informed consent is (and isn’t) from the perspective of patient rights advocates, patients, and doctors.

Where Can I Turn for Information and Support?

This video from the ACT program reinforces the role of the medical team, discusses the importance of a trusted caregiver, and recommends unbiased resources for information about cancer and cancer clinical trials.

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