Made In China

The latest American feature to be shot in China without the government’s permission, MADE IN CHINA is both a feat of daredevil guerrilla filmmaking and a thrilling portrait of a man in crisis.

The film tells the story of Bryan Zellerman, a young American adrift in a world of money, duplicity and unchecked international hedonism. After being framed by the corrupt new overlords of his Shanghai real estate company,  Bryan must go on the run deep into the mysterious underbelly of China to escape arrest – and atone for the destruction wrought by his company.

Set in a place rarely seen on film by Western eyes, the events of MADE IN CHINA erupt in a landscape of opulent mega-cities, vibrant underworlds, environmentally ravaged countrysides, and eye-poppingly beautiful antiquity.

This is the world where Bryan is forced to face his moral reckoning, where he will either be made into his best self… or be unmade entirely.

Director: Brendan Merrill
Producer: Brendan Merrill
Shot on Canon C300

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